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Associate Degree of Applied Business in Legal Assistant

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The objective of the Associate Degree in Legal Assistant program is to provide the legal knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level employment in the operation of legal and business environments.

To introduce the student to the law and legal procedures in rendering direct assistance to lawyers engaged in legal research.

To arm the student with analytical and technical skills necessary to design, develop or plan modifications or new procedures, techniques, services, process or application in the field of law.

To provide students with the practical ‘hands-on” opportunity to prepare or interpret legal documents and write detailed procedures for practicing in certain fields of law and general business environments.

To enable the student to understand how to select, compile, and use technical information from such references as digests, encyclopedia, or practice manuals.

To train the student to analyze and follow procedural problems that involve independent decisions.

To teach the communication skills for effective interaction with other members of the legal business community.

To provide entry-level employment as Legal Assistants in these and other institutions: Banks: Trust Officer, Probate & Pension Specialist, Escrow Officer, Real Estate Mortgage Specialist, Collection Specialist; Corporations: Litigation Specialist, Corporation Paralegal/Legal Assistants, Industrial Relations, Labor Relations Specialist, Probate and/or Pension Specialist; Insurance: Claims Adjuster.

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To earn an Associate Degree of Applied Business in Legal Assistant, the following courses* are required:

  • Real Estate Law **
  • Litigation Management **
  • Torts **
  • Paralegalism & Ethics **
  • Workers’ Compensation Law, Social Security, and Disability **
  • Domestic Relations **
  • Estates & Trusts **
  • Basic Legal Research **
  • Legal Research **
  • Criminal Law & Procedure **
  • Externship **
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Intermediate Computer Applications
  • Advanced Computer Applicaitons
  • Legal Drafting & Computerized Applications
  • Introduction to College English
  • Introduction to College Math
  • Written Communications
  • College Algebra
  • Earth Science
  • Communication Skills
  • American Government & Politics
  • Sociology
*Does not indicate the order in which these courses will be offered.
**Core class for this Degree
† This course outline contains only the suggested sequences of course work.

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Associate Degree of Applied Business in Legal Assistant


CIP Code – 22.0301

Credential Level 02

Occupation (SOC Codes)   23-2011.00  43-6012.00  23-2099.00

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Legal Assistant


    Credit Hours

    Courses Required

    This course outline contains only the suggested sequences of course work.
    Courses scheduled are dependent upon placement test results.

    Course #Course Description Clock HrsCredit Hrs

    1st Semester

    MTH 095Introduction to College Math604.0
    WRC 095Introduction to College English604.0
    CPF 100Computer Fundamentals603.0
    INT 111Paralegalism & Ethics603.0
    COM 110Communication Skills453.0
    AGP 120American Government & Politics453.0

    2nd Semester

    DOM 222Domestic Relations603.0
    MTH 110College Algebra453.0
    ICA 110Intermediate Computer Applications1205.0
    WRC 110Written Communications453.0

    3rd Semester

    CMP 223Criminal Law and Procedures603.0
    BLR 100Basic Legal Research302.0
    TRT 224Torts603.0
    ACA 131Advanced Computer Applications1054.0

    4th Semester

    RLE 125 Real Estate Law603.0
    LIT 211Litigation Management603.0
    LGR 131Legal Research603.0
    SOC 110Sociology453.0

    5th Semester

    EST 141Estates & Trusts603.0
    WCL 221Workers Compensation Law, Social Security, and Disability603.0
    ERS 110Earth Science454.0
    LDA 216Legal Drafting & Computerized Applications603.0
    CDE 095Career Development100
    ITS 252Externship1503.0

    This course outline contains only the suggested sequences of course work.
    Courses scheduled are dependent upon placement test results.

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