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Medical Assistant Diploma

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The objective of the 8-Month Medical Assistant Diploma program is to prepare the student for employment in the dual (clinical/clerical) role of a Medical Assistant. To enable the student to become a valuable asset to the allied-health team in a health facility. To encourage the student to be constantly aware of the importance of continuing their education on a daily basis for the safety and welfare of their patients. To prepare the student for entry-level employment in these and other positions: Medical Assistant, EKG Technician, Clinical Technician, Orderly, Medical Secretary, Medical Data Entry Specialist, Records/Insurance Clerk, and Medical Office Business Manager.

Students will have the option to complete this program in person or 100% online through the Blackboard Learning Management System Platform. Students will have the option to choose in person or online learning. All electives will be available online. 

Medical Assistants qualify to take the certification in Phlebotomy is from NAHP which is called the NRCPT. In addition, you will receive an additional Medical Assistant certification from NAHP it is the NCRMA. The EKG certification is the NRCEKG. You will also be training in CPR and First Aid.

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To earn a diploma in medical assistant, the following courses* are required:

  • Medical Terminology **
  • Medical Theory I **
  • Medical Theory II **
  • Medical Theory III **
  • Medical Lab I **
  • Medical Lab II **
  • Medical Lab III **
  • Medical Office Procedures/ Electronic Health Records**
  • Computerized Medical Office Procedures**
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Comprehensive Clinical Procedures and Pharmacology
  • Basic Medical Calculations
  • Career Development

Classes Held

Monday – Thursday
Monday-Friday – 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Nights – 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
2 Semesters – 16 Weeks per Semester

Registration Fee $75.00

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This course outline contains only the suggested sequence of coursework.
*Does not indicate the order in which these courses will be offered.
**Core class for this diploma
† This course outline contains only the suggested sequences of course work.

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Diploma Medical Assistant


CIP Code – 51.0801

Credential Level 01

Occupation (SOC Codes)   31-9092.00  43-6013.00  43-4171-00

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Clock Hours



    Credit Hours

    Courses Required

    Diploma Medical Assistant

    Course #Course Description Clock HrsCredit Hrs

    1st Semester

    MED 110 Medical Terminology602.5
    MDT 111Medical Theory I1205.5
    MDL 111Medical Lab I1204.0
    CPF 110Computer Fundamentals602.5

    2nd Semester

    MDT 122Medical Theory II1205.5
    MDL 122Medical Lab II1204.0
    BMC 110Comprehensive Medical Office Procedures903.5
    CCP 243Comprehensive Clinical Procedures and Pharmacology602.5
    INT 243Internship902.0

    This course outline contains only the suggested sequences of course work.

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