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    Each student whose account is in good standing will be provided an official transcript of record upon completion of his/her program. A charge of $20.00 will be made for each transcript request thereafter. Official academic transcripts will be withheld for failure to pay tuition and outstanding ETI charges, for default on an education debt, or failure to repay an education grant overpayment.

    A former student may receive one single copy of an unofficial transcript per FERPA guidelines. It will not be mailed to a third-party such as a prospective employer or to another school. This unofficial transcript will note unpaid financial obligations to the College. No additional unofficial transcripts will be provided so a student should keep a copy of the record. The College will not withhold an official transcript for a student in active bankruptcy or after a discharge of the education debt. For balance information, contact the office at (330) 652-9919.

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