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    Welcome to ETI Technical College of Niles

    ETI Technical College of Niles believes every student is unique with potential for success through proper skill building.  The faculty strives for teaching excellence and is dedicated to provide technical educational programs in career-oriented courses, which promote qualified competence, development, and foster individuality among our diverse student population by instilling fundamentals that allow students to enter the workforce rapidly.  At ETI, we inspire the confidence and responsibility necessary for each student to become self-sufficient, contributing members of their professional and civic communities.  In addition, we are committed to our students’ continuous journey; therefore, we offer post-graduate support and services.


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    About This Estimation Calculator

    Use this tuition net cost estimation calculator to estimate your total yearly cost of attending ETI Technical College of Niles. Based on your answers to these questions this calculator will help you estimate your total cost of attending for a year.

    This estimate takes into account your financial and living situation and uses the most recent EFC formulas and ETI Technical College of Niles associated rewards. The total tuition (plus room & board, fees, books, and miscellaneous expenses) is then reduced by the amount of your expected financial aid rewards.

    As you answer these questions, questions that are no longer relevant to you based on previous answers may be removed or added. Information entered into this form is not saved permanently in any way.

    This calculator uses these EFC formulas for 2023-24 and included tables.

    To find out your actual Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) awards go to FAFSA AID

    By clicking "I Agree" below you are acknowledging that you have read and understood that the results of this calculator are an estimate only. This is not a binding agreement between any state or federal organization and is simply an estimate.

    WP Net Price Calculator™

    Net Price Calculator

    Please answer the questions bellow. Your answers will be used to estimate the total yearly cost of attendance at ETI Technical College of Niles. This will only be an estimate. To find out how much Federal Student aid you may qualify for visit StudentAid.ed.gov and complete the FASFA application.

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    Review the information you have provided. You can click the Edit button below to return to the beginning and edit provided information or if you are happy with the current selections click "Total" to view your estimated net price. Questions may appear or disappear depending on answers to previous questions.


    Where the student will live while attending this institution.
    In state, Out of state, In District tuition
    Applying for Financial Aid
    Attending full time or part time
    Primary source of financial support for any children
    Number of people are in the family's household
    Family household members attending college next year
    Annual household income after taxes
    Citizenship status
    State of legal residence
    * Based on the answers given you are an independent student.
    * Based on the answers given you are a dependent student.
    * Based on the answers given you're not a citizen of the U.S. or not U.S. eligible non-citizen and do not qualify for federal assistance.

    Academic Year: 2023-24

    Estimated tuition and fees
    Estimated cost of books and supplies
    Estimated total cost of attendance per year
    Available Aid
    Pell Grant
    Estimated total loan aid
    Estimated Net Price
    Net Price After Grants and Scholarships
    * This institution requires that full-time, first-time students live on-campus or in institutionally controlled housing.
    * These estimates are for full-time undergraduate students.
    * As a non-citizen none qualified alien. Your are not eligible for assistance.
    This is only an estimate. To apply for federal aid and to find out your official available aid visit FAFSA AID and complete the application.


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