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Associate Degree of Applied Business inBusiness with an elective in Information Systems

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The Associate Degree in Business is designed to advance the student’s knowledge in today’s business office environment. Early in the program, the student’s course work includes subjects that are fundamental to the operation of an office, such as accounting, word processing, business math, and more.

The student is then given an in-depth study of highly technical software applications. The objective of the general education courses are to provide the student with the necessary critical thinking and communications skills needed to help the student become a more productive part of the work world.

This general education background combined with the technical course content encourages an atmosphere of professional growth and maintains the college’s philosophy of the “learn by doing” method of education.

The Associate Degree will arm the student with the credibility they need to succeed. It will provide the student with the competitive edge helping the student become employable with more opportunities for advancement. It will prepare the student for entry-level employment in these and other positions: Legal/Medical Secretaries, Accounting Clerks, Payroll Clerks, Accounts Payable and Receivable, and Administrative Assistants. Graduates secure employment in hospitals, schools, state agencies, industrial organizations, legal software companies, insurance agencies, and the courts.

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Information Systems Elective

The objective of the Business Degree with an elective in Information Systems will provide the student with an elective study in the area of IT with a broad coverage of technology concepts and trends, underlying current and future developments in Information Technology. This elective will give emphasis on networks and distributed computing, including the World Wide Web, operating systems, software, relational databases, introduction to service base concepts and security. A hands-on approach to information security with real-world experience with advanced software. It will prepare students for entry-level employment in these and other positions: technicians, technologist, research, design, application testing manufacturing, troubleshooting computer systems and networks, install application software and maintain and upgrade computer networks.

To earn an Associate Degree of Applied Business with an elective in Information Systems, the following courses* are required:

• Computer Fundamentals **
• Intermediate Computer Applications I **
• Advanced Computer Applications II **
• Customer Service Techniques **
• Data Base (Access) **
• Accounting I **
• Computerized Accounting I **
• Social Medial in the Workplace** †
• Customer Service Techniques **
• Computer Programming ** †
• Information Systems I ** †
• Information Systems II** †
• Security Awareness **
• Convergence Technology **
• Externship **
• Introduction to College English
• Introduction to College Math
• Written Communications
• College Algebra
• Written Communications
• Communication Skills
• Earth Science
• American Government & Politics
• Sociology
*Does not indicate the order in which these courses will be offered.
**Core class for this Degree
† This course outline contains only the suggested sequences of course work.
• Introductory classes are not calculated towards GPA and students who are required to take them only have one academic year of aid to do so.

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Associate Degree of Applied Business in Business with an Elective in Information Systems


CIP Code – 52-0401

Credential Level 02

Occupation (SOC Codes)   43-1011.00  43-9061.00  11-3011.00





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Information Systems


    Credit Hours

    Courses Required

    This course outline contains only the suggested sequences of course work.
    Courses scheduled are dependent upon placement test results.

    Course #Course Description  Credit Hrs

    1st Semester

    MTH 095Introduction to College Math4.0
    WRC 095Introduction to College English4.0
    CPF 100Computer Fundamentals3.0
    AGP 120 American Government & Politics 3.0
    SOC 110 Sociology3.0
    WRC 110 Written Communications 3.0

    2nd Semester

    ICA 110Intermediate Computer Applications 5.0
    ACT 120Accounting I 4.0
    MTH 110College Algebra 3.0

    3rd Semester

    ACA 131 Advanced Computer Applications 4.0
    DTB 200 Data Base (Access) 4.0
    CTA 110 Computerized Accounting I (Quickbooks)3.0

    4th Semester

    SPD 200 Spreadsheet (Excel) 4.0
    CTA 200 Computerized Accounting II (Peachtree) 3.0
    ERS 110 Earth Science 3.0
    COM 110 Communication Skills 3.0

    5th Semester

    CST 100Customer Service Techniques 3.0
    KEY 221 Advanced Keyboarding Skills 3.0
    PBT 100 Payroll and Business Tax 3.0
    SMW 100 Social Media in the Workplace 3.0
    AOP 210 Administrative Management/Office Procedures 3.0
    CDE 095 Career Development 0
    EXT 240Externship2.0

    Information Systems

    PRG 120 Computer Programming** 4.0
    ITS 110 Information Systems I** 4.0
    ITS 210 Infromation Systems II** 4.0
    ITS 220 Security Awareness** 1.0
    CSG 230 Convergence Technology 3.0

    This course outline contains only the suggested sequences of course work.
    Courses scheduled are dependent upon placement test results.

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