900 Clock Hours / 45 Weeks /
32 Credit Hours

Combination Welding and Fitting Course Description

The objective of the Combination Welding and Fitting program is to provide the technical skills necessary for entry-level employment in the highly technical fields of Combination Welding and Fitting such as; tack welders, fitters, welding operators, burners, construction welders, welder helpers, fabricated metal products, welder assemblers, welding inspectors and welding sales people. To provide basic welding, oxy fuel cutting, stick welding, personal safety as well as protecting others,, pipe stick welding, Flux Core, MIG and TIG welding, blue print reading, non-ferrous welding, plasma and welding fabrication. Students prepare for; AWS, ASME & API Certifications.

Classes held Monday - Thursday
Days 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Nights 5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
3 Semesters -- 16 Weeks per Semester

Registration Fee $75.00

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This course outline contains only the suggested sequence of coursework. Courses scheduled are dependent upon placement test results.
Diploma Combination Welding and Fitting



Occupation (SOC Codes) 51-4121.06  51-4121.00  51-4122.00
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Courses  Required
Course# Course Description Clock Hrs. Credit Hrs.
First Semester
WLD 100  Introduction to Welding 120 4.50
MTW 100  Math Measure for Welding 60 2.50
WLD 101  Oxy Fuel Cutting 45 1.50
WLD 102  Stick Welding 105 3.50
  Total 330 12.00
Second Semester
WLD 122  Welding Fabrication 105 3.50
WLD 111  Pipe Welding 30 1.00
WLD 112  MIG and TIG Welding   120 4.50
WLD 113  Plasma and Carbon Arc  105 3.50
  Total 360 12.50
Third Semester
WLD 120  Blue Print Reading  30 1.00
WLD 121  Non Ferrous Welding 60 2.50
WLD 110  Pipe Stick Welding 90 3.00
WLD 123  Print Reading/Fabrication 30 1.00
  Total 210 7.50

THIS COURSE OUTLINE CONTAINS ONLY THE SUGGESTED SEQUENCES OF COURSE WORK. Courses scheduled are dependent upon placement test results.

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