"There can be no greater objective for any school than to provide the means through which all students become happily employed. The Staff and Faculty of this college subscribe to this belief and are dedicated to this effort."
Renee Zuzolo
College Director
Mission Statement

ETI Technical College believes every student is unique with potential for success through proper skill building. The faculty strives for teaching excellence and is dedicated to provide technical educational programs in career-oriented courses, which promote qualified competence, development, and foster individuality among our diverse student population by instilling fundamentals that allow students to enter the workforce rapidly. At ETI, we inspire the confidence and responsibility necessary for each student to become self-sufficient, contributing members of their professional and civic communities. In addition, we are committed to our students' continuous journey; therefore, we offer post-graduate support and services.


ETI Technical College of Niles is located at 2076 Youngstown-Warren Road, Niles, Ohio, 44446 (Route 422, on the strip in Niles). This location is ideal for those of the student body who come from Warren, Youngstown, Sharon, Mercer, Greenville, Grove City, New Castle, Beaver Falls, East Liverpool, Salem, Alliance, Columbiana, Ashtabula, and adjacent areas.


To our minds, an effective education provides the foundation for the establishment of a full and productive life. Moreover, we can't foresee a better way of achieving this than by acquiring a relevant technical background.

A technical education enables a graduate to successfully enter the center of "highly technical" developments in national defense, medicine and industry. It's through technical people that we can now scan the human body, relate abstruse mathematical data, move among the planets and defend our way of life. Imagine the opportunities involved with such progress.

Though the benefits to those who have acquired a technical education are obvious, there are deeper and more meaningful advantages in the struggle of its acquisition. That advantage is the experience gained from the solution of concrete problems. When you habitually solve problems of this type you develop positive feelings, which lead to constructive behavior.

While we readily realize the market value of technical education, what isn't obvious to many is that at its heart, a technical education offers opportunity for accomplishment. From what else other than accomplishment is confidence gained? From what else other than confidence is growth experienced? From what else other than growth is happiness derived?


It is the purpose of ETI Technical College of Niles to provide sound educational programs in the fields of Legal Assistant, Legal Assistant with a concentration in Criminal Corrections, Business, Medical Assistant, Practical Nursing, Facilities Maintenance Technician and Combination Welding and Fitting. ETI also offers Business with an elective in Accounting, Information Systems, Legal Secretary and Human Resources.

Our training programs are designed to provide the student with the necessary skills to be competitive in the job market. At ETI, qualified instructors, experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields, provide training. ETI's goal is to prepare the students for entry-level employment with the opportunity to advance in their field.
Our "Learn by Doing" method of instruction provides students with the proportional amount of time in theory and laboratory practice. We have found that this method provides students with a solid understanding of what they are doing and it encourages them to study the theory so necessary to succeed in their career choice.

Through close association with our instructors and fellow students, the student grows in maturity and obtains the confidence necessary for advancement in today's highly competitive world. Punctuality, neatness, cooperation, honesty, self-confidence, and loyalty are the characteristics every employer desires. We find that as students grow in the academic and technical knowledge of the field for which they are trained, they also begin to become aware of these other areas of self-discipline that are needed for success.