If you have any question about the books or book store please call
(330) 652-9919 or email:

The college bookstore is located in the administration building and carries lab equipment, flash drives, calculators and a variety of other items. Equipment is non-refundable.

First semester students do not need to order their books. The school will order them for you.

Book pick will be in the administration office the Thursday prior to the new semester.

Textbook exchanges, refunds and returns will be made in accordance with the Textbook Returns Policy. Refunds for supplies and consumable fees shall be made in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code Section 3332.1-10.0.

Book orders must be placed a week before the semester starts to ensure your financial aid is in place.

Book orders placed with ETI will be vouchered to your tuition account.

If you do not pick them up, there will be a 25% restocking fee added to your account. Late book orders may be subject to additional processing fees.

If you don't place an order with us we will not know if you need a book.

If you have any questions please Contact Christian Gatta or (330) 652-9919

Textbook Returns Policy

All course materials must be returned within 21 days of date received or from the start date of class, whichever is later. Course materials must be returned in new, unopened condition in order to receive credit or refund. All components of a bundled item must be returned together in the same return. All book returns bust be approved by Bookstore Coordinator to receive credit.