Admission Requirements

Previous mechanical or technical education is not necessary. Only those applicants holding a high school diploma or G.E.D. may be enrolled as students.
Diane Marsteller
Director of Admissions
All individuals making application to attend the college must take an admissions test. This test enables the college to determine whether a person has a sufficient background to begin his/her training. If it is determined after testing that remedial skills are required for an applicant’s entry into their selected course of training, they may first be referred to an adult education program for remediation. ETI alumni will not be required to take an additional admissions test. Practical Nursing applicants will take the HESI Evolve Reach Assessment Exam.
Statement of Admission Policy

ETI Technical College of Niles provides equal opportunity to all applicants for schooling without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, age, or sex. This policy has been made known in all areas of communication, internally and externally.


Once an applicant has been accepted, a placement test will be given for entry into all programs except Practical Nursing and RN, Combination Welding and Fitting, and Facilities Maintenance Technician. The results of this test will determine placement in their program. If a student does not pass the test, she/he will be required to take one or both of the remedial classes and will be charged regular tuition for those classes.


(For Practical Nursing Policies and RN Procedures, see Practical Nursing, RN)

If after being interviewed, an applicant meets the admissions requirements, they may then register for the course of training for which they have applied. Students are considered to be registered after: (a) they have completed and/or met all the admissions requirements, (b) made registration payment ($75.00), (c) completed Financial Aid packet (if necessary), (d) completed enrollment agreement, (e) passed an Admissions Test*, (f) submitted ACT scores (recommended, not required), and (g) ** complete placement test.

*Minimum test scores required for Facilities Maintenance Technician applicants are as follows:

Reading-8/16 Mechanical-10/16
**Vocabulary-12/25 Math-20/30
**Not required for Facilities Maintenance Technician.

Minimum test scores required for Medical Assistant, Legal Assistant, and Information Management Specialist applicants are as follows:

Reading-8/16 Math-15/20

Minimum test scores required for Combination Welding and Fitting are as follows:

Mechanical-10/16 Math-15/20

If an applicant fails any section of the test, they are permitted one (1) re-test before being rejected.
If an enrollee decides to change or postpone their enrollment, they must reapply and repeat the complete application/registration process.
Enrollments are accepted daily (Monday through Friday) during business hours.

Registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Class sizes are limited. If there are no immediate openings, the prospective student will be placed on a numerical waiting list and when their turn comes, they will be given first opportunity to enter their training program. The following items are also required to complete a student's file: (1) high school transcript or G.E.D., (2) transcripts from any previous schools/colleges, if applicable.


By reason of its intent to provide the most up-to-date training for its students, ETI Technical College of Niles reserves the right to revise/amend its curriculum at any time.


Preparation for job placement actually begins in the classroom when a student starts college. Upon graduation, all students from ETI are prepared for entry-level employment in their fields of endeavor. Placement assistance can only be meaningfully rendered when there is total cooperation between the student and the Placement Assistance Office. The following outline describes those responsibilities to be assumed by the student and their college.

The student will:

1. Provide all personal background information as normally required in the development of a resume for placement purposes. Such information must be true and correct.

2. Keep the Placement Assistance Office advised of any changes in address, employment, phone number(s), or temporary absences from the area.

3. Report on time, dress in a professional manner for any employment interview as established by the Placement Assistance Office and accepted by the student.

4. Report to the Placement Assistance Office after each job interview (by phone or in person) to review the results of the interview and understand that an evaluation of each job interview needs to be made before succeeding interviews will be arranged.

Further, the student who secures employment through his/her own efforts will notify the Placement Assistance Office so his/her permanent records can be noted to reflect the employment.

5. Understand that getting a training-related position is the student's ultimate responsibility and that the Placement Assistance Office can only render advice and meaningful assistance.

6. Make independent attempts to secure employment and not rely solely on the efforts of the Placement Assistance Office.

In return, the Placement Assistance Office will perform the following functions:

1. Keep all personal background information received strictly confidential except where a release agreement has been signed and is on record.

2. Keep records as accurate as possible regarding name, address, and phone number changes.

3. Develop job leads whenever and wherever possible and establish interviews for those who are most qualified to receive the position.

4. Supply current and graduated students with information and assistance in areas including, but not limited to: finding leads, resume writing, preparing for the interview, interview techniques, and interview follow-up.

5. Finally, it is the responsibility of the Placement Assistance Office to render (within reason) all possible assistance, but please note that the law prohibits any college from guaranteeing a job.